Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Guide Reminder

If you are still angsting about what to serve for the Super Bowl tomorrow, here's a reminder about the post I did with some guides to help you out. Or better yet, just chill out and get a bucket or two of chicken wings, nearly half off this weekend at Whole Foods.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cured Does Giant Sandwiches For Super Bowl

If you are looking for a classy twist for your Super Bowl festivities, consider the huge sandwiches being offered by Cured, and note that they need to be pre-ordered by today. Here's what they say:

Super Bowl Sunday Foot…and a half…long Sandos! It’s that time of the year again, the time when large men in tight pants run around, tackling each other and chasing a ball, giving the rest of us an excuse to kick back, relax, turn on the TV and enjoy the ultimate American spectacle…hopefully fueled with good snacks and plenty of libations. We happen Normandy
to love the Super Bowl here at Cured, perhaps because of the excuse it gives us to make massive charcuterie platters and enjoy the bevy of Colorado craft brews at our fingertips. For the past 3 years, each Super Bowl Sunday we’ve had far too much fun creating massive foot…and a half…long sandwiches, perfect to be sliced into bite sized pieces and shared with a big ol platter of meat and a group of friends, or, for those of you a bit more ambitious, to be enjoyed by yourself with a good six pack of beer :-) Made on an entire baguette, each sandwich is the size of 3 normal Cured concoctions, and can be left whole or sliced up depending on your whim and fancy. This Sunday, we are offering our most classic of sandwiches: The Spicy Frenchman (brie, butter, French ham and peach jalapeno jam); the American Classic (rustic salami, sharp Wisconsin cheddar, Dijon mustard, aioli and romaine); and the Mediterranean (our veggie classic with house made hummus, olive tapenade, feta cheese, sliced cucumbers and oxford gardens greens). Large sandos cost $25 each and must be ordered by Friday at close.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicken Wing Bucket Sale!

Whole Foods is doing a slew of specials for this Super Bowl weekend, but the one I've been waiting for is their chicken wing bucket sale, nearly half off at $7.99 each for tomorrow through Sunday. The only reasons I look forward to the Super Bowl are for the commercials and my once a year indulgence in Whole Foods' incredible chicken wings.

Also on sale tomorrow through Sunday, you'll find three types of Olli salami at $7.99 each, cooked shrimp $14.99 a pound, baby boules $1.50 each, and 365 chia seeds $4 off at $9.99 each. And in a one week sale that started yesterday and runs through February 3rd, Hass avocados are $1.25 each. They'd have to be very large avocados to beat Sprouts' sale this week, with Hass avocados 49 cents there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Day Sale At Whole Foods Today

Or technically next to Whole Foods, as the wine, beer and liquor shop adjoining the Pearl Street Whole Foods is doing 20% off all beer today, in preparation for Sunday's game.

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores. I stopped by Vitamin Cottage yesterday and confirmed that they remain on hiatus as far as their big Hotline sale goes, although there are specials to encounter as you walk around the store. No word from their customer service regarding when the next Hotline might be. Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts just for this Friday through Sunday, all fresh chicken sausage (pork also) will be $3 a pound, a good price for them these days, but the Lucky's Market in Longmont has had their own fresh chicken sausage for just $1.99 a pound all week, ending today. In Sprout's regular sale through February 4th, I'm liking boneless pork loin chops for just $1.99 a pound, value packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts also $1.99 a pound, their own very good stuffed chicken breasts $2.99 a pound ($1 less than their usual sale these days), and ground chicken breast or turkey breast $3.99 a pound. In fish, previously frozen Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets are $9.99 a pound, Peruvian sea scallops are $7.99 a pound, fresh farmed tilapia is $4.99 a pound, and 26/30 count cooked shrimp are $9.99 a pound.

In produce, while I usually buy organic, the big news to me this week is conventional, with Hass avocados 49 cents each (guacamole for the game of course), and asparagus $1.99 a pound. Back to organic produce, red bell peppers are 99 cents each, celery bunches or one pound bags of baby carrots are $1.50 each, butternut or spaghetti squash are both 99 cents a pound, table carrots are $2.99 for a five pound bag, grape tomatoes are $2.50 a pint, and Braeburn and red delicious apples are both 99 cents a pound. Elsewhere in the store, there's a 25% off bulk trail mix sale (over 25 varieties), some game day snacks are 25% off (I see my favorite rice chips in the picture), and some Annie's organic salad dressings are $2.99 each.

In Whole Foods' new sale through February 10th, Whole Trade pineapples are $3.50 each (they're $1.99 each at Sprouts but without that pedigree), organic Gala apples are $1.68 a pound, organic cauliflower is $1.98 a pound, and Brussels sprouts, presumably conventional, are also $1.98 a pound. Sockeye salmon fillets with a fine pedigree are $13.99 a pound, very fine American Homestead pork loin chops are $5.99 a pound, and turkey breast tenders or ground turkey are also $5.99 a pound. (Whole Foods and Sprouts are running quite a bit in parallel this week, underscoring the question of how much to pay for that pedigree.) Spectrum chia seeds are very good at $7.99 a bag, some Amy's pizzas are $4.99 each, Cotswold cheese is $6 off at $12.99 a pound, Late July crackers are $2.50 a box, and Andalou Naturals lotion or shower gel are both half off at $4.99 each.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

National Chocolate Cake Day

There's a holiday for everything. Just passing along that today is National Chocolate Cake Day, if you're looking for an excuse to indulge.

Lundberg Rice Bags Not On Sale

I was bummed but not surprised to find that bags of basic (and rather pricey) Lundberg rice are not part of the current Gluten Free Favorites sale at Sprouts through tomorrow. That used to be a great way to stock up on a staple, but I guess Sprouts wised up to it. There are plenty of other temptations, though, including Lundberg's rice cakes, for those who are into those. In addition to stocking up on my usual Nut Thins, Crunchmasters, Pamela's cookies and the like, I strayed into temptation territory by picking up a couple of products new to me. I've been seeing freekeh, one of those up and coming ancient grains, getting mentioned rather frequently these days, so I picked up a bag to try. It looks like it cooks quite quickly, unlike some of the other alternate grains. I also succumbed to the convenience of a box of Lundberg traditional Italian risotto, the porcini mushroom variety, when I usually make that kind of thing from scratch. There are lots of Lundberg products included in the sale - just not their one pound bags of basic rice like brown or basmati.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bike To Work Day Wednesday

In addition to the ever-popular Bike to Work Day that happens in June, Boulder has added a winter day that will be this Wednesday the 28th. With the incredible springlike weather we've been having recently (like near 70 today???), it should be a great time for biking, although Wednesday should be just a bit more moderate in the 50s. As with the summer bike day, free breakfast is available for bikers, although in fewer locations than in summer. Look here to check out the list of breakfast stations. You can also register your ride to be eligible for prizes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Super Bowl Party Ideas

I view the Super Bowl merely as an excuse to dive headfirst into a bucket of chicken wings from Whole Foods, and they do a great special on those so reliably for the game, I'd just about bet that's coming up this week (stay tuned). If you are more ambitious in your planning, here are a few guides to help you out: Super Bowl Party Recipes and Drinks from Epicurious, Super Bowl Recipes from Food and Wine magazine, and Our Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide from Bon Appetit. I might just have to be sure some classic New England dish is on my table, despite deflate-gate.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Real Food For Real Kids

If you are interested in the future of healthy food for kids, this talk is for you this coming Tuesday, with thanks to the Boulder Farmers' Market for giving me a heads up on it. Here are the details from BFM:

Tuesday, January 27: 6-7:30pm
Real Food for Real Kids talk with Chef Ann Cooper, Casey Middle School in Boulder
Two of the nation's strongest advocates for healthy food for our kids live and work right here in Boulder. Don't miss this informational and engaging evening with Ann Cooper, Director of Food Services for the Boulder Valley School District and Robyn O'Brien, food advocate, as they discuss the future of healthy food for our kids at home and at school. Be a part of the discussion as they help us untangle and understand the challenges of our food system and how it affects the long-term health of all of us. For more information on BVSD's LifelongLearning program, visit